Window Cleaning

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Feeling the warm sun leaking in through your home’s windows is such an inviting feeling and nothing can ruin that more than having dirty windows. The SoftWashing process is a great first step in accomplishing your crystal-clear view. Our environmentally friendly and one hundred percent biodegradable solutions which are window safe will help remove and kill the initial layer of dirt, grime, mold, mildew and bacteria from your trims and windowpanes. However, it will not leave your glass spot or streak free like a traditional window cleaning would. Therefore, we highly recommend a window cleaning after your homes SoftWash is complete. Here at Wash-Rite we offer an exterior only window cleaning service directly after your home detail has been completed that same day. All screens must be removed by the client the day before to allow our technicians access so we can provide you with a streak free spotless finish. If you would like screens rinsed, please let us know at the time of your estimate. The screens must be left outside in a pile for our technicians to access. We also provide this same service for solar panel cleaning, which is the recommended cleaning process from your Solar Installer. A cleaning like this is one hundred percent safe for the solar panels and will not only leave them looking like new again, but will also allow them to work to their full potential, maximizing energy absorption which will keep more money in your pocket!


How We do It?

We use pure water technology which uses deionization and or reverse osmosis to pull impurities out of the water. When the pure water reaches your glass, the water immediately wants to try to return to its natural state (one with impurities). To do this, the pure water looks for dirt, dust and other particles to which it can adhere to. Once the two elements meet, they are bonded together for easy removal during the rinse step of the process. During rinsing, with no dirt available for the pure water to bond with, the water will simply evaporate to leave a clean, spot-free, streak-free surface.



If you are more interested in an interior exterior full-service cleaning for your windows, we also work closely with another company who we have found is always on time, is at a great value for their service provided and who most importantly stands behind all of their work just as we do. We would be more than happy to put you in contact with them, just ask! However, don’t forget to book them after us so you can experience the perfect home detail.