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Here at Wash Rite SoftWashing we provide a number of different exterior detailing services, however, roof Soft-Washing is what we are best known for and our specialty. Our knowledge, experience, skilled workers, and top of the line equipment sets us apart from our competitors leaving our customers with the highest quality results.

When washing a roof high pressure should never be used and will cause more damage to your roof than anything. A specialized technique and machinery is required to safely remove what’s growing on your roof. Our SoftWashing equipment sprays at just 60 psi which is just about garden hose pressure. This is strong enough to remove mold, mildew, Gloeocapsa magma (black staining), and even the most stubborn organic growth lichen without removing the shingles granules. Your average architectural shingle is designed to last about 30 years but shade, moisture and your homes positioning can greatly reduce this number if your roof is not professionally maintained or cleaned. So call us today for your free quote and let us extend and fulfill your roofs lifetime.



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Our Just Spray technique is our entry level service which is cost effective and affordable. One of our trucks will come to your house and spray your roof with our environmentally friendly and one hundred percent biodegradable solutions. This process only uses regular garden hose pressure, is safe for your shingles, plants, pets and most importantly family. After spraying your roof ninety five percent of the Gloeocapsa Magma (black staining) will be removed that same day when we leave, however any organic growth lichen, moss mold, mildew will turn from a green or brown color into a bright white color which indicates to us that the organic growth is dead. Although this isn’t very aesthetically pleasing at first due to the growth being highlighted it will be naturally be removed and will decompose with mother nature and rainwater in approximately 3-4 months. A limited five-year warranty is given with this service.


Our Spray & Rinse technique is our Premier and recommended service which is unmatched in the Roof Cleaning Industry. After we proceed with the Just Spray application, we will gently rinse all of the highlighted dead growth on your Roof which will leave it 100% spotless that same day. No Gloeocapsa Magma (Black Staining), lichen, moss, mold or mildew will be present, which we find most of our customers prefer. This service also comes with a limited five-year warranty. In the rare case of non-organic staining, additional treatment may be required for an additional cost.



Extends the lifetime of one of your homes most expensive pieces that acts as your families first line of defense against mother nature. As we all know building material is not cheap and neither is replacing or fixing a roof. Proper Maintenance can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

We Safely & Effectively
SoftWash all types of roofs.

  • Asphalt Shingles

  • Metal Roofing

    • Cedar Shake

    • Clay Tiles

    • slate roofing

    • Solar Tiles