Over the years your hardscape takes a beating from the harsh New England conditions and climate change. Dirt, grime, mold, mildew and dark staining can start to appear on your masonry in just a couple of years after it’s installed. Ground shifting, freezing temperatures and moisture will eventually break down the strong polymeric  sand in-between the joints allowing weeds and organic growth to slowly creep in and take over. Your dream entertainment area you spent so much money on now looks like an eye sore. The bottom line is, just like anything your hardscape requires maintenance over the years to keep it fresh and intact.   

Whether it’s a patio, pool Deck or Walkways we have you covered! We specialize in cleaning and restoring all hardscapes. Our extremely talented and highly trained cleaning crew has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all building materials used for your outdoor masonry projects. Pavers, natural stones and cement are the main components used to help build your hardscapes in the Northeast. Each one of these requires a different  cleaning application and restoring process, and I guarantee things can go very wrong very quick without the proper knowledge and experience. That's why Wash-Rite Softwashing has become the premier and leading exterior cleaning company in Connecticut.

When doing a hardscape cleaning we utilize a number of different tools and cleaning process’s as mentioned above. SoftWashing, flat surface pressure cleaning with heat, or a combination of the two can be used depending on material being cleaned. Although each method has it’s differences I can assure you they are all are very thorough, deep cleaning options which are very effective. When SoftWashing we utilize one-hundred percent biodegradable and environmentally friendly solutions to break down dirt, grime, mold, mildew and other contaminants. This means these cleaners are not only safe for the environment, but also for your loved ones and pets which is always the most important.


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SoftWashing is used When...

• There is green growth or Gloeocapsa Magma (black Staining) present on the surface. This treatment not only breaks down dirt and grime but will actually kill mold, mildew and other unwanted organic growth which will leave your hardscape cleaner longer. • We are cleaning sensitive areas where pressure can break loose cement joints or disturb natural joints in between masonry items which the customer does not want removed. This process is very effective and way less invasive. We use only 60 psi compared to 3500 psi when pressure washing. • The customer takes care of their hardscape regularly and they only want a maintenance spray which is much more affordable and actually what we recommend. This cleaning will kill organic growth attacking the customers polymeric sand, brighten pavers, natural stones and cement without removing or eroding any of it’s top coating and also leave the area completely sanitized for loved ones and guests.

Hot Water Pressure Washing is used when...

• The SoftWashing technique is just simply put not enough. The area being cleaned was neglected and a more thorough cleaning process is required. • When we are completing a job Re-Sanding joints. This method utilizing 200-degree heat and 3500 psi will not only clean but also break down and remove old polymeric sand from your masonry joints which is the first step in restoring your hardscape properly. • When stripping old sealer that’s failing or was installed wrong/removing tough stains like oil and grease.

You can finally see your hardscape transforming back to it’s original beauty after Wash-Rite SoftWashing has completed a thorough cleaning. All mold, mildew, dirt, grime and ugly staining is gone from the surface. The pavers and or natural stones have great color and are poping as they once were. The joints are left free and clear from organic growth and all old sand which was deteriorating is now removed. The next step is to re install polymeric sand into the joints. For those who do not know polymeric sand is a fine sand that is combined with additives that form a binding agent when exposed to water. Silica is such as an additive and is often used to help lock the fine sand particles together. As the sand particles fuse, the joint between two patio pavers becomes impenetrable and the pavers are locked in place.

This sand fills all of the gaps in-between the pavers and or natural stones which provides great stability and strength, so your hardscape does not shift and move. This sand will also prevent weeds from growing in the joints due to it’s rock hard make up once mixed with water. This step is extremely important and vital after a flat surface cleaning and is always highly recommended for joints up to .5 inches wide. If the joints are bigger than a half inch polymeric dust is required for proper curing and strength. This sand or dust with the proper SoftWashing maintenance plan can last up to 10 Years!

This sand works great for common paver areas such as:

  • Around pools
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Patios