I hope this message finds you well during this trying time. My name is Daren Micalizzi and I own Washrite Softwashing. Normally I would be using this system to spray roofs and siding with biodegradable chemicals to remove molds, mosses, and lichens. However, due to the pandemic, we have converted our mobile unit to do on site sanitizing. We are being hired by stores to disinfect their shopping carts and high use areas to kill the COVID-19 virus that lingers on surfaces. Our solution is eco friendly and safe, but strong enough to eliminate the virus.

An example of a service we are currently offering is disinfecting shopping carts, as they are handled by multiple patrons, and can be source of cross contamination for your customers and employees alike. To not interrupt the course of business we offer this service overnight, or after hours. The carts are left outside for us and we are able to treat them with our solution, let it sit, and rinse it off. This is something that can be done either once, or set into a recurring schedule. By the time work resumes the carts are sanitized and ready to be used the following day. It is beneficial to make a note of the fact you are doing this, and display it to your customers. In this difficult time people want to be assured they are being protected with appropriate safety precautions, and doing this would set you apart from competition that are likely not doing it. The article below mentions a Philadelphia grocery store that is sanitizing the shopping carts to protect the customers. It's not only a safe preventative measure, but good for PR. The way they are doing it is better than nothing, but not nearly as effective as our mobile spraying units. We are able to completely coat the carts and although eco friendly, the chemicals are much stronger than just soap and water.

The charge for this service is dependent upon your location, number of carts, and whether it is a one time visit or will be recurring. Other services are available, simply ask. We hope to be able to help your company and customers stay safe and healthy during this time. Let me know if you are interested and I will personally provide you with a quote.

Thank you and stay healthy,

Daren Micalizzi

Owner Washrite Softwashing LLC

195 Driftwood Lane

Trumbull, CT 06611