Gutter Guards

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Tired of overflowing gutters? Sick of constant gutter cleaning twice a year? Clogged gutters can lead to several problems and costly repairs. Leaks, ice damage, foundation damage, and even mold growth within your home are just some of the problems that can occur. Here at WashRite Softwashing, we take great care to meet the unique needs of our customers and nothing short of perfect will do!




There are several different types of gutter guards. Different styles, different materials and different selling gimmicks. However, Gutter guards are supposed to be a permanent shield attached to the top of your gutter system preventing leaves, sticks, and other debris from collecting in your gutters and even more importantly your drainage system. Rain water should be able to properly pass through this “screen” and effectively move through your gutter system so it is pushed away from your house. That is the sole purpose! Without them, your gutters, leaders and again most importantly drainage system get clogged making regular cleaning two to three times a year a necessity. Now, regular cleanings are a perfectly fine solution if that’s what you choose. However, some people wait or don’t do a cleaning up until a problem arises. This allows debris to get pushed through and caught in a number of different parts of your system. Water overflow can also have severe effects on a number of different expensive pieces of your home including your gutter system. This is why a gutter guard system is always a smart option and truly pays for itself in only a couple of years.


With that being said most of the gutter guard systems we see and come across just plain and simple don’t work. I can’t even begin to tell you how many systems we have seen fail in several different ways.

  • They don’t allow water to pass through the screen and water runs right over them. (Guard defect)
  • The screens constantly get clogged with different debris allowing water not to pass through them which makes the customer still blow them off every so often. (Selling Error)
  • The holes/slots in the screens are too big and allow different debris like pine needles to pass through them leaving your gutters clogged if a gutter guard rinsing isn’t performed every so often. Which results in having to do an expensive Guard removal/clean/Guard reinstall) (selling error)
  • Cheap plastic guards that only clip to gutter. They lose shape and seams don’t match up allowing debris to get in gutter. Mesh lining falls off allowing debris to get in. They crack and break and can’t with stand New England’s harsh weather. (Guard Defect)

This all comes from either a salesman not looking around at your surroundings or the company personally pushing one guard sayings it’s the best. If you want the truth, I believe all gutter guards have some flaws. Which is why it takes an experienced salesman who knows the few that work and in what circumstance it’s meant to be used. Don’t buy something from someone who’s just trying to slap something on and go because you will have problems down the road. We stand by our work and if you Install Gutter guards with WashRite SoftWashing we will allow your gutter system to always stay clean and it will effectively guide water away from the foundation of your home!